Sizing & Installation

Sizing of panels

The size of panel needed for each room can be easily calculated by working out the volume of each room (height x length x width in metres) then multiplying this total by the wattage value per cubic metre for your type of property. Typically these are:

Low energy building 16 Watts
New building 20 Watts
Old brick building 25 Watts

All calculations can be checked by us for verification, with the use of the customer plan sheet, in the download section of our website.


Although installation in its most basic form is very simple, just a case of hanging the heater on the wall and plugging it in through a thermostat, which can be carried out by most people. In many cases the cabling to the heaters would need to be hidden in the fabric of the walls or ceiling, to achieve that stand-alone picture look.

Ecotech, through the use of fully trained and certified electrical engineers, with many years experience in both domestic and commercial properties, can facilitate the installation of all heating panels and associated controls, with as little inconvenience as possible, at a very competitive rate. All works will be carried out to the latest edition of the IEE regulations and shall be fully tested on completion.

Here at Ecotech, we offer not only a very friendly and personal service, but also aim to work with its customers, to help supply and install a maintenance free and uniquely personalised heating system.

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