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On this page, we will continue to inform you of new infrared heating products and developments.

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IHS 400 with clock - under development!

To meet our customers demands, we are currently developing a brand new design: "IHS heating panel 400 with clock!"

Size: 600 x 500 mm
Surface: white, special lacquering Surface
Temperature: approx. 95°C
Frame: Anodised aluminium

NEW Panel - Small Wave

Redwell Small Wave - new frameless panel, perfect for small areas

NEW Panel - Discus Wave

The perfect indoor heating! Whether in large industrial warehouses, commercial areas, shops, showrooms or sports facilities this system can provide low cost and effective heating.

NEW Panel - Power Heater

Redwell Power Heater - with great potential as in outside areas, workshops, factories, warehouses and any other areas offering protection from the direct rain.

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