Reduce you fuel bills

Expecting a massive winter heating bill?

We are now experiencing the coldest winter for 3 decades and now we are being warned that our winter fuel bills will rise by 20%!

Let us show you how you can reduce you fuel bills

Ecotech is a UK Distributor for Redwell infrared heating systems. Redwell are the brand leaders and innovators of this 100% energy efficient and totally natural heating technology which has so many benefits to offer us, and we at Ecotech would like to invite you to contact us so we can tell you how to make huge reductions in your heating bills.

Ecotech is an ethical company and all of the products we offer have been extensively evaluated by us for quality of materials and performance. Redwell Infrared heating systems are TUV, GS, CE, CSA Canada and USA and IGEF certified, and are subject to the ecological test of the GSF.

Now for the good news

Let us help you to reduce your heating bills by up to 70% by using Redwell infrared heating in your home.
Redwell are the brand leaders in Infrared Heating and are well known in over 32 countries.
Their products are guaranteed for 5 years and require no maintenance.

Tests have shown that the savings over other fuels are substantial eg.:

Redwell Infrared vs. Oil fired central heating

• Redwell used only 30% of the energy that Oil used

Redwell Infrared vs. Gas central heating

• Redwell used only 40% of the energy that Gas used

Redwell Infrared vs. electric Storage heating

• Redwell used only 30% of the energy that Storage heaters used

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